Please be aware that each job is different, depending on the type of animals involved, the damage the animals may have caused, etc. To get a more exact price estimate, just give us a call at 574-306-5141 and describe your problem. We will be happy to give you a more exact price over the phone.

Small Jobs: This could be a one-stop trip such as to remove a dead animal or snake in the house. $100-$200 range

Medium Jobs: This could be a multi-stop project involving setting traps, making small repairs, etc. $200-$400 range

Large Jobs: This could mean several service visits with full home and attic inspection, the removal of multiple animals, complex repairs, attic cleanup, etc. $400 +

Over our ten years of experience, we have seen confirmation that a range of animals, from bats to squirrels to raccoons to rats, all leave urine or droppings in your attic or other parts of your property. This leads to odor problems, the transmission of diseases, and can even potentially cause mold. As a family-run company, we are committed to delivering excellent care at all times, including removing the animals that leave the waste and offering sanitization of the attic. We are one of the area’s largest wildlife control companies, meaning we have technicians serving your particular area, allowing us to deliver immediate availability in many cases. When it comes to each of our services, including rodent control, we pride ourselves on offering the most effective solutions. Instead of just removing the animals, we identify entry holes and seal them to get to the root of the issue and prevent a recurrence. To ensure that we always deliver a high-quality of service, our wildlife control company maintains up-to-date training methods, including attending industry seminars so we can always build our skills. We also use the latest wildlife control equipment, which improves our efficiency and effectiveness. Contact us to take advantage of our fast service.