Removing Bat Poop from Indiana Concrete

The South Bend bat guano or droppings that are left by the bats on your concrete are considered organic stain. This may contain undigested food materials such as seeds and berries. Removal of these stains will be challenging as the droppings penetrated the porous concrete. By extracting the droppings on the concrete, you can eliminate the stain successfully. Perhaps, you will be able to return the concrete back to its pristine condition.

Guide on Removing Bat Droppings from the Concrete
The cleaning solution as well as the technique that you will employ should be safe to use. This will guarantee that the concrete will not suffer from additional damages. If you lack the knowledge and you are afraid that you may only worsen your situation, do not hesitate to call the help of the professionals.

Using Hose
On the off chance that there are no materials that will be damaged with water, you may use a hose that will wash off the droppings. This method will simply remove the bat guano that is on the surface. For the droppings that have deeply penetrated the concrete, you may need a pressure hose to remove them. You will need to know the proper way to use this. Otherwise, this can lead to injury.

Applying Dishwashing Liquid
Directly apply your dishwashing liquid or detergent on the stain of the South Bend bat poop. You will then use a brush with a tough bristle to encourage the dishwashing liquid to soak deeply on the concrete. This will also loosen the remaining feces that will make it easier to remove them. You should not wash off the soap with water. You may place the sawdust on top of the soap that will absorb the soap. This is a better way to remove the soap rather than rinsing it with water. This will take at least 20 minutes. After that, you may sweep the sawdust with broom.

Removing the Discoloration
In order to remove the tough stain and discoloration, you may use a mixture of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. Never mix ammonia with bleach since it can produce a toxic compound. Spray the cleaning solution directly on the stain. Scrub the stain and leave it for a couple of minutes. When removing the cleaning solution, you should also use the sawdust rather than rinsing them with water. In case you are still not contented with the result, you should consider repainting it. Be careful when investing your money on commercial cleaning solution. Some of them can be expensive but will never deliver the result that you wanted. Try to use the method we mentioned here before trying the commercially-manufactured product. Test the product for coloration first before applying it directly on the concrete. You should also look at the direction of the manufacturer and follow it. You should avoid mixing it with other products unless it is specified on the label of the product. Finally, you should consider hiring a professional cleaner that will address your problem.

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